I wont' need to run precompile anymore.

ruby-on-rails - scss - the asset is not present in the asset pipeline.

I want to have the following assets available standalone (not packaged with other assets_: vendor / gems / neo-viz / app / assets / stylesheets / neo-viz. The default Rails app installed by rails new has config.assets.compile = false in production.. And the ordinary way to do things is to run rake assets:precompile before deploying your app, to make sure all asset pipeline assets are compiled.. ruby-on-rails - scss - the asset is not present in the asset pipeline . I need to display images on an HTML5 canvas that are in the Rails asset pipeline, but I need to know the path for the asset from JavaScript. So what happens if I set config.assets.compile = true in production?. ruby-on-rails-4 - track - the asset "default.css" is not present in the asset pipeline.

config.assets.precompile not adding vendor/gem assets (1) I'm having trouble getting vendorized assets to be compiled as root files. css.

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